Thursday 21 March 2013

Welcome to Accies Blog!

This is a brand new initiative by and for Accies fans, and everyone is welcome to join in.  We hope in time that this will grow into a community featuring lots of useful information and ideas for supporting Hamilton Accies.

Blog posts will appear regularly, clearly attributed, and represent the opinions of that blogger, not any Accies Blog editorial policy (of which there is none, beyond compliance with our rules).  If you’d like to comment on a blog post, please click on ‘comments’ after the post.  All comments are actively moderated, which may mean a delay in your comment appearing on the blog, but as long as it doesn’t breach our rules, it will appear.  If you’d like to contribute a blog post yourself, please email  Or if you have ideas for topics you’d like to see covered, please let us know via the same email address.  We encourage varying opinions, vigorous debate and all contributions to help make Hamilton Accies more successful.

The initial core group of authors/administrators is identified to the right of this blog, and is a group of lifelong Accies fans of various ages.  We’re blogging under our real names.  If you want to contribute, we ask you to do the same, please.

Please make the most of this blog.  We look forward to engaging with you.

Yours academically...

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