Monday 25 March 2013

Managerial Updates

Further to previous blogs about the update of the Aberdeen managerial position it appears it has almost been confirmed as Derek McInnes (not Adams....!)
All terms have been agreed for him and his assistant Tony Docherty. Although there doesn't appear to be a length of contract displayed anywhere I reckon it will be a 3 year deal for the 41 year old. In my opinion a great managerial appointment and one that I think Aberdeen will benefit from in the long run.

To bring it back to an Accies related subject I noticed that Livingston (who we play on Wednesday night) have appointed caretaker boss Richie Burke and former Celtic striker Mark Burchill on a player/ management team role. There first game in charge being against ourselves on Wednesday.

If I was a Livingston fan I wouldn't be convinced on the appointment of these two as they appear to lack experience and knowledge of the current Scottish game. Obviously with Partick Thistle beating them comprehensively on Saturday.

Will be interesting to see how it pans out over the rest of the season for the Livi duo and if they manage to last in the job long term...

It's times like this that make me glad we still have Billy at the helm as at least you know what you are getting!


  1. Im pretty relaxed about our current management team. Hopefully Alex Neill and Martin Canning are developing as coaches and can provided Billy with a sounding board for his decisions. Changing manager was never going to alter the budget available for the playing pool or our youth development policy. Billy buys into this and Im hopeful that next season brings a big improvement. Although it would be nice to afford May on a full time contract or to see Brian Easton return (highly unlikely)

  2. It will be interesting to see if Derek (whateverhisnameis) can live up to the expectations of the Aberdeen supporters. Many of them still see themselves supporting a big club with European football being the aim. And with Aberdeen having had a booming economy for the last 40 years that seems to be a reasonable aspiration. This creates a weight of expectation that simply did not exist at St Johnstone and while they had their own European adventures in the 60s more European football is going to come as a very pleasant surprise, rather than as an expectation. Derek (insert surname) always comes across as a decent bloke when interviewed and I certainly wish him well, except when his teams play Accies. Entirely agree with Ian above on the Accies management team - as long as Alex Neil isn't taking the 'referee management classes' with the youngsters!

  3. Didn't see the Martin O'Neil sacking coming and even more surprised at De Canios appointment on a reported two and half year contract. Controversial to say the least While he did have success at Swindon it's a big leap to make particularly as Sunderland are in real trouble