Thursday 28 March 2013

Dumbarton - past times 1

Hmmn. Funny place, Dumbarton.The late Ian Archer described Boghead as a ground where they did not build stands but breed them. At my last count there were 5 of them, some with the same capacity as a dugout.

Erstewhile Football First commentator David McKinney was a friend of mine (clank!), and also a self proclaimed, non old firm, Dumbarton fan. Such declarations were not necessarily to be taken at face value, and some of you may recall Tam Cowan describing Clyde v Rangers as the "Dougie Donnelly derby" ! However in David's case it was actually true, and so I saw many a match  at Boghead with him against a variety of teams, none of whom appeared to have any difficulty  leaving with the points tucked away.

However, not so Accies for whatever reason. Though my recollection is doubtedless incomplete, I can recall few victories there, one being back in 1997 when we won 3-0 and gave them a real going over ( I had missed our win there the previous season, and one in 2003). The surreal nature of the occasion  was illustrated  by the fact that fans leaving the ground were told  that the  Grand National that day had been cancelled  because of a bomb threat. In fact, that season was a good time to follow Accies in Division 2, when we had the free scoring Paul Ritchie, and entertaining wide men in Jose and Scott McCulloch, and in this particular match Steven Thomson!

The usual outcome was, however, misery and depression, and I remember us being dumped out the Scottish Cup in 1972, losing 5-1 in the League in 1975, and 4-1 in the League Cup the following year.

Even in promotion season 1985-86 we lost there in the final weeks, and then lost and drew two years later when we again won the title. In fact, in the latter season the Accies fans were heard unforgiveably barracking Kevin McKee, who was playing out of position in midfield, but this was drowned out by the Dumbarton fans booing Owen Coyle!  Kevin duly overcame that episode of  fan non-worship, and went on to become a real Accies hero ( where have we heard that before!).

So Accies' Scottish Cup win this season at the new ground was indeed an occasion to savour, normal service being resumed, of course, in the league fixtures. However our form at home is a different story, and this is something to which I shall return next season, assuming the Sons ( and us!) avoid relegation.


  1. I have trouble recalling victories against Dumbarton from my youth. The stand out game for me was being thumped 2-6 (I think) at Douglas Park in an evening match in the early/mid 70s. One of the Dumbarton directors was a Hamilton businessman and his son (I think the surname was Jackson) was in the year above me at school. Another fun time to be an Accies supporter at Hamilton Grammar School!

    1. I am sure it was 71-72, when we had maybe 1 point after 17 games ( Tom Marchbank will know), or was that 86/87 - my nightmares are joining up!

  2. Spot on re Jackson They lived in Strathmore Road There were 2 brothers One of them was the same year as me The father worked for British gas I think I relate this as it reassures me that the long term memory hasn't gone although this hasn't got a great deal to do wih Dumbarton

  3. Cheers, Ian - I'm grateful, for similar reasons to those you mention. Alan - it could easily have been 71/72, although if pushed I would have put it a year or two later. I'll have a wee look!

  4. Spot on, Alan. 29 Sep 71. Ouch. Dumbarton went up that year, never again to appear in that old 19 team version of the 2nd Division. Accies finished bottom, with 16 points. And they say the old days were better.....