Saturday 23 March 2013

Livingston v Accies. Past times

In footballing terms, our relationship with Livingston and predecessors has been brief, extending back only to 1974, and their admission as Ferranti Thistle. Accies through our then programme editor Alan Dick ( who was present at the recent Falkirk cup tie ) were corruscating in criticism of their arrival- pointing to the greater potential of the Highland League teams, particularly in Inverness.

So it was in an atmosphere of some hostility that we arrived in Edinburgh for our first match - and promptly rolled them over 4-0, including a Jim Brand piledriver from 2 feet ( think Jose at Alloa 9 years ago).

Meadowbank ( another name change) was only the latest in Alan's roll of dishonour,- the Accies programme was called Britain's most controversial publication after Private Eye, and as usual he was forced to apologise, which he did with some good grace on the day of the return fixture. We then rolled them over 8-0, and without playing particularly well.

Notable old boys for them include Adrian Sprott, and Vic Kasule ( of whom more later when Airdrie are our opponents). Vic , I think, was in their ranks when they completely demolished us 5-1 at Douglas Park in our promotion winning season 1987-88.

It would be amiss though to omit mention of our final match of the season against them in 1991-92, when our 2-0 win was 2 goals short to win us promotion at the expense of Partick Thistle. We all mostly know the story about how Partick should have lost their final game anyway against Forfar, when Forfar were denied a late penalty, to be taken by Craig Brewster, who had a Carrigan like record of conversion. The point is this though, that only now some 20 years later all Thistle fans I know accept that it was a stonewaller. Our team, though, broke up not long afterwards and our chance was gone for a generation.

And this brings us back to our first match against them in 2007-08. We had, of course,  won our first 6 games , and were winning 1-0 at halftime, but did not look convincing. They duly equalised through Steven Craig, and my memory is of a usually imperious Accies midfield struggling to cope with Livingston's midfield running at us from all parts of  the pitch. In their ranks, that day -Dorrans and Snodgrass. It was our final match away to them which effectively clinched promotion.

Finally to our first home match against them last season. Marko contrived to get himself sent off. On our one break up the field thereafter we scored a fantastic goal, largely through the efforts of Jim McAllister, we then defended heroically, but had victory sntached from us with a wonder strike with the last kick of the ball. The girl I was with had never been to Accies before "Is it always like this?" she said.  Pretty much so......


  1. I remember a number of these matches, particularly the game we won in Livingston the week before we clinched promotion in 2008. How far can it be from the station to the ground, was the collective cry? Well, it was a very long way, especially given that there is not a single pavement in that accursed town. I'm sure we got to the stadium by way of the Ardennes! Still, the game was worth the effort and we won 3-1, comfortably.

  2. Alan, I'm surprised you didn't mention the 92/93 Challenge Cup semi-final at ODP, which featured the longest penalty shoot-out I've ever witnessed, but at least ended with Accies beating Meadowbank to go through to our second successive final. I remember feeling for the first time that we were the "big team", and I couldn't imagine a wee team like Meadowbank ever being in a final (and yet they've since won a major trophy while we have still to do so). My heart was therefore in my mouth, watching the penalties down at the old foundry/scoreboard end. Thanks for the memories.

  3. I remember we were a goal down in the 90th min. against Livvy a few seasons ago, We won with 2 goals in injury time that day. I think Elebert scored the winner. This was probably the season before we won promotion It seems to be a bit of a lucky ground for us.