Tuesday 3 September 2013


As the transfer window closed last night, one of the last deals was James McCarthy from Wigan to Everton in what the BBC report as a deal worth £13million. Speculation regarding the percentage sell-on clause for Accies has never led to the figure being confirmed, but we do know there is a clause, and there is no doubt Accies will land a seven figure sum. A substantial windfall for the club. And a great opportunity for James.

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  1. Im sure it will generate hours of speculation and all sorts of suggestions as to how it will be spent. Estimates range from 1 million to 2million plus. Whatever as my cousin said to me when I was left money by my auntie 'Spend it wisely!" Didn't pay much attention to that advice mind. I assume that Ronnie and whoever else has lent money to the club to cover the new pitch will get their money back leaving the club 100% debt free which for Scottish football and Accies, considering where we were would be a really significant achievement and something that the Owner/Board can be really proud of. As to the surplus? I think it supplies a healthy cushion over the next two years to support youth development and the first team squad. We are potentially entering a virtuous circle scenario. Financial stability and no debt, success on the pitch and extra income from league reconstruction. All we need to do now is to build a sustainable fan base in excess of 2000. Ok I know the age of miracles is dead but its still something we should aspire to. Whatever I hope young James prospers back in the Premiership. At least he is joining a team that should not be worrying about relegation every season. I saw somewhere he has signed a long term contract. Don't know what that means 4/6 years? but if he wasn't set for life before he is know. His career to date must be inspirational for those coming through the youth ranks at Hamilton.