Thursday 19 September 2013

Crowd figures - The only way is up

Last season our home average attendance for the season was 1231 which was a 30.45% drop on Season 2011 - 12's average of 1770. As I have previously commented success breeds success and should attract increased crowds. Equally after a relegation season and two seasons where the team was being restructured around youth and results were poor our slump in support is not surprising. So what will success on the park for 2013 - 14 and a potential title challenge mean for Accies and attendances. The season is still relatively young and to date we have had only 2 home games . Total attendance for the two is 2462 which somewhat spookily averages out at last years' figure of 1231. I had hoped that the successful conclusion to last season might have given some momentum to crowd figures early on but not so. However given the significant increase in the price of a season ticket which is rumoured to have led to a drop in uptake then if we are currently holding onto last years average figure perhaps thats a positive. Looking ahead if this good run of form continues then I would expect there to be a steady increase in attendance figures. The last time we won promotion in season 2007 - 2008 our average attendance was 1715 so I cant see us exceeding this. Perhaps some local advertising and match day promotion might help but would an advert in the Advertiser make any difference compared to the impact of lengthy articles, I doubt it. Anyway I have persuaded my daughter to go on Saturday so at least I'm contributing +1


  1. Ahem! The last time we won promotion in season 2007/08...

  2. Not good today. I hope my season ticket means I was counted even tho' I was there only via Twitter!