Friday 28 June 2013

Getting through the close season

We all have our diversions.  Everyone likes a holiday, but the long close season seems to drag for many fans, even in the likes of this, the most eventful of close seasons.

Last season was almost extended by the events at the end, with the under-19s winning the league cup at the end of May, Cadzow winning the supporters' cup, and the Accies women playing on through June.

Alex Neil was unsurprisingly confirmed as the new Accies manager, following his articulate explanation of the problems of the player/manager role, at the end-of-season fans' forum. No dissenting voices, as far as I know, and everyone is eagerly awaiting how "Sir Alex" rises to the challenge of a full season in the hot seat. The recent announcement that Jon Routledge has renewed his contract may be seen as one endorsement.

And there's always football being played somewhere, with the James boys winning the FA Cup with Wigan, and the Confederations Cup reaching its climax this weekend.

Then there were the off-field problems of Dunfermline and Hearts, neither resolved so far. And the league re-structuring saga, which seems finally to have been resolved on terms favourable to Accies, with Les Gray joining the Board of the new body.

Today's Challenge Cup draw sees Accies scheduled to face Airdrie away, when the season re-opens in just four weeks' time. It's not that far away...

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