Thursday 22 August 2013

MAC back!

Mickael Antoine-Curier looks set to return  to Hamilton Accies, the official site has revealed.

Before everyone gets too excited about the return of 'MAC', the club's resident blazer, Scott Struthers, has pointed out there are still registration problems to overcome before the transfer window closes, and he can't be included in this Saturday's squad.

Fingers crossed these are resolved in time, as MAC at his best is exactly the type of player we need to challenge in the Championship.

In his previous spells at Accies, between 2009 and 2011, MAC made 39 appearances and scored 11 goals (source: unofficial but generally reliable Accies Appearances website).


  1. A gamble but a worthwhile one IMO. He tends to move from club to club a the drop of the hat (18 clubs since 2001) and if he stays around at the end of his reported one year deal I'll be surprised but as long as he performs on the field this season Ill be happy. It certainly gives us options.

  2. Agree with Ian. Fingers crossed it works out. I wonder what the attraction for MAC?