Friday 26 July 2013

Airdrie vs Accies - Ramsdens Cup - Sat 27 July 2013

The 2013/14 season (with Accies featuring in the SPFL Championship) kicks off, almost for real, with a Ramsdens Cup tie at Airdrie.  There are few clues to likely team selection and formation this early in the season but after a very positive pre-season it seems unlikely that new signing Keatings will not start.  My interest will centre on the part played by player manager Neil.  Alex played 45 mins last Saturday but I will be surprised if he features on the park in this game.  Accies will start as favourites, if for no other reason that they are a division above Airdrie.  Other than that, it's anyone's guess what will happen.  The whole start to the season seems a bit surreal to me - it's still high summer in my book, with the usual raft of somewhat sad European qualifiers going on amid summer 'soccer' tournaments, golf, cricket and tennis.  Well done to Stevie May on helping St Johnstone to win in Europe and good luck to Accies tomorrow.  Oh, and I wonder what 'legends' will turn out on Sunday?   Good luck with the fundraising - more info here.


  1. Ah well back down to earth with a bump. Our goal apart and a couple of corners I don't think we ever really threatened. However not the time to start complaining about lack of signings or react like a headless chicken. It was the first competitive game of the season and part of a steep learning curve for Alex. I still think it is midfield that needs strengthening and perhaps it also reenforces the need for Alex to continue playing with an experienced assistant manager on the touchline.

  2. No Stayed in the dug out throughout. He was interviewed by Chick Young before the game and said while still intended to play he realised he couldnt get a feel for what was happening if he played so had decided that this game was for the young ones and he would sit it out hence my suggestion for an experienced assistant

  3. Interesting. Sounds like the defence missed Canning's experience, and agree with your note above on midfield strengthening. I wonder where the leadership on the park will come from when Alex doesn't play? Canning (imo) has never been a leader and I see few other candidates out there, with the possible exception of Routledge.