Tuesday 7 May 2013

Season ticket prices

It looks as though our season ticket for next year is going to be £200 with kids under 12 getting in free if accompanying an adult. A £50 pound increase is a very significant rise for what was the cheapest season in the league but looking at other SFL1 clubs prices for next season where they have been announced, its still a comparatively good deal. Where next season’s prices haven’t been announced I have used last season as a comparator (*). Some clubs do have an early bird price, i.e. if bought before a certain date then a bit cheaper. I have also excluded Dundee and obviously we don't know who is going to win the play off.

For obvious commercial reasons Accies don't disclose the number of season tickets holders. I assume however they have done the maths and think they will hold onto most of this seasons holders, but I’m not sure we should expect a significant increase for next. Season tickets are just part of revenue generation. It’s about time Accies took a real hard look at all commercial activities and undertook a root and branch transformation. It’s all very well concentrating on our youth academy but an efficient and effective commercial structure is vital when the attendance money from fans is no longer the primary source of revenue.

Accies                        200
Morton*                      210 – terracing, 235 - stand. Parent and child 277 for the stand
Falkirk                        250/225, depending on which stand. Kids go free
Livingstone                270, Kids 80
Raith                           250, 125 secondary kids, 30 primary kids
Dumbarton                 210, 90 secondary kids, 60 primary kids
Cowdenbeath*          220, Under 16’s £30
Queen of the South* 240, junior blues £18


  1. Whatever the final prices turn out to be, then judging by Les Gray's comments at the Fans Forum, it looks like they will still represent excellent value. There will always be someone who feels disadvantaged by some quirk of the pricing, but Les made it clear the club could deal with any such concerns on a case-by-case basis - it's up to individuals to ask.

  2. As much as I thought the £150 was great vfm, I couldn't see the club making much - if any - money. A fact Les confirmed in the fans forum. He mentioned something like 1200-1500 season books would have to be sold to make it work and clearly the number was well below that (he kept saying 700 when talking attendance - I don't know if that was average or season books)
    I still think £200/220 is reasonable to pay, especially if we get more games like the final run in.

  3. Now confirmed as per letter to season ticket holders that it will be £220 for adults, senior citizens £115, youths 12 - 17 £115. 2 under 12's free with every adult/senior season ticket. Plus 3 vouchers to bring a friend for free during the season. A £70 pound rise is pretty steep but still in the bottom range of SFL1 tickets.

    The raising of the free season tickets' qualifying age from 10 to 12 is to be welcomed as are the 3 free passes. For a young person £115 represents just over £6 per game which seems reasonable. I also welcome the Junior Accies Club but at £99 pound not sure whether it represents good value. I also see the club are continuing with the Gold ticket. Didn't appeal to me last season and not likely to this. Anyway I will be renewing but need to see if I can afford to sponsor a shirt this season!